Search Report Preparation

A detailed Search Report providing you in-depth information of all similar patent applications made in India or Abroad post-consideration of your proposed Patent Application. The Search Report will give you an idea of your chances of getting the Grant of Patent of your product/service in advance. A must avail service for all Inventors

Patent Drafting and Filing

Based on your Search Report analysis, you can now move forward to get your Patent Application drafted. Once drafted to your satisfaction, your Patent Application is ready to be filed

Patent Protection

Our Team of Experts will provide your registered Patent protection in India of any misuse giving you a peace of mind. Immediate action is taken by our Expert to curb any infringement of your Patent in India.

A Patent Application can be made for an Invention. "Invention" means a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application. "Inventive step" means a feature of an invention that involves technical advance as compared to the existing knowledge or having economic significance or both and that makes the invention not obvious to a person skilled in the art.

Patents are granted to encourage inventions and to secure that the inventions are worked in India on a commercial scale and to the fullest extent that is reasonably practicable without undue delay.

Processing of a patent application is a multi-stage process, involving filing of an application, electronic data processing, screening and classification, publication, examination, pre-grant opposition, grant / refusal. Different persons like Examiner of Patents, Controller of Patents, Applicant / Agent and general public are involved in the process.

The term of Patent is 20 years from the date of filing of application in respect of all the patents

Our Experts analysis, advices and assists in all formalities related to your requirement of Patent Search, Patent Application or Patent Protection.


For drafting and filing of Patent Application, initially we will require following information:


  1. Title of the invention;
  2. Name, address and nationality of each of the applicants for the Patent; and
  3. Preamble to the description

Based on the information provided, our Expert will draft the following documents for your confirmation and signing 

A patent application shall be filed on Form-1 along with Provisional / Complete Specification, with the prescribed fee as given in First Schedule at an appropriate office.

Provisional / complete specification in Form-2.

Statement and undertaking under Section 8 in Form-3, if applicable.

Declaration as to inventorship shall be filed in Form 5 for Applications accompanying a Complete

Specification or a Convention Application

Power of authority in Form-26

Other Forms as required on case to case basis

Our experts analysis, advices and assists in all formalities related to Registration of Patent and smooth running of your business.

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Once the Application is drafted, signed and filed, on an average it takes 2-2.5 years for your Patent Application.

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